Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Why WMF Stainless Steel Deep Oval Roasting Pan, 16-1/4-Inch (Kitchen) is a Best Bakeware Product ?

Okay so im looking for a best Bakeware that can be used for Kitchen. There are soo many brands and shapes i just dont know what to do. I want one that willlast, clean up messes and counters. The product only use it in my Kitchen so any suggestions would be great!

WMF Stainless Steel Deep Oval Roasting Pan, 16-1/4-Inch (Kitchen)

You can get this product right there : WMF Stainless Steel Deep Oval Roasting Pan, 16-1/4-Inch (Kitchen)

Please give me a review for this product :)

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  1. Samantha Williams12 Maret 2013 19.11

    heavy, looks beautiful at the table, easy to clean, can cook either the bottom or the lid, size is perfect for me, altough a little small than others, I higly recomend it

  2. Donald Stevenson12 Maret 2013 21.32

    Initial review - I will update once I will use it.
    I just received this pan. It looks great. Per user manual, the lid can be used as a serving dish. I pan on using it shortly, and will update this review with my toughts afterwards.

  3. Recieved in a timely fashion. Very attractive. Have used twice and with good treatment this should last a very long time. I have many pieces of stainless cookware and if you clean well between uses it shines up nicely.

  4. Richard Robles13 Maret 2013 06.36

    I just received mine and although I am yet to use it, I have to say it looks very impressive. The lid looks so beautiful almost like a serving dish. Very well made.Will update once I tried it. Very important - instruction said dishwasher safe!!!

  5. This roaster pan is a dream. Used it over Christmas and it was perfect for my needs. Put a small bird in the pan and used the lid for some tasty acorn squash. And how cool is is that the lid can be used as its own pan? Genius. And perfect for smaller kitchens, like mine, that don't have tons of storage space. Cleanup was a breeze. You won't be sorry with this purchase. My only regret is not finding it sooner. I also love that it is not as heavy as some of my other stainless steel cookware. Don't feel like I'm gonna throw out my back with this one!

  6. Beulah Guerra13 Maret 2013 08.39

    This is such a versatile pan with both the top and bottom able to be used individually or together as a roaster. The offset handles are also a brilliant design feature

  7. Ashley Spence13 Maret 2013 12.58

    By far one of my favorites. I have an induction stove and a huge burner that I haven't been able to use, until this pot came along. I use the lid as my favorite skillet, the offset handles are very useful. The pan can hold a large amount of veggies for sauteing without touching the others. I really haven't used the bottom yet as I'm not a meet eater, maybe I'll try it for pastas. Truly a beautiful finish and very easy to clean.

  8. Jeffrey Haynes13 Maret 2013 15.41

    Sure this isn't going to fit a 30lb turkey, but hey I have an old ceramic coated roaster, and it is nice, had it for 20 years. One of my biggest issues with this pan is that when carying heavy stuff with the handles it has a tendancy to want to spill. And of course the ceramic coating chips easy. Well if you notice in the picture the handles are offset, well pick this pot up by the handles, and you feel a perfectly balanced pot that is easy to carry. I always like it when a manufacturer makes somthing that you need, and didn't even realize you needed it. With that said no other roaster is ever going to measure up. I would not buy it at the list price, but this pan is worht what Amazon charged at the time of my purchase of just less than that recomended by manufacturer. Will follow up after this pan has been used several times or so.

  9. Heavy duty pan. Good quality. It's big and a bit awkward to store, but cooks food good and even. Cooked a Turkey in it and it turned out great!