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Why Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, Citron Yellow (Kitchen) is a Best Bakeware Product ?

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Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, Citron Yellow (Kitchen)

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Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, Cerise Red (Kitchen) I had admired these bowls for quite some time, but couldn't justify purchasing another set of mixing bowls until they popped up as a Warehouse Deal. Now that I have them, I realize they are much more than mixing bowls. It's true that they work well for mixing (I've been careful to use wooden, rubber, or silicone spoons in order to avoid the scratch marks some reviewers mentioned), but they make beautiful serving or salad bowls as well. I love the high sides and relatively narrow shape of the bowls when setting them on the table because they take up less space than many serving bowls, and the red glaze is simply beautiful. While I'm glad I got a deal on the bowls, I now understand why they command a high price and would certainly consider buying them at the regular Amazon price as a gift.

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  1. Madelyn Johnson21 Maret 2013 18.20

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, Cerise Red (Kitchen) I love Emile Henry kitchenware and I love these bowls. I use at least one of them daily. They are solidly built, but not hefty. They are a 'true' red color and I like the fact that they are deep vs being overly wide. Storing them is easier.

  2. Annie Salinas21 Maret 2013 22.27

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, White (Kitchen) Good range of sizes. They have become our go-to utility mixing bowls when cooking or marinating. We've gone fridge to oven with no problem. Dishwasher safe is a real plus. I was worried about using metal spoons on them leaving marks on the white finish, but it isn't a problem.

  3. Katheryn Murphy21 Maret 2013 23.55

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, White (Kitchen) I have been searching for the right mixing bowls forever, wanting some that were good for mixing, microwaving, baking, storing, OK in the dishwasher, and attractive enough to go to the table and WITH A LID. I finally gave up on the lid. So far no crazing of the finish, or marks from silverware. The bowls come in happy bright colors but I chose white to go with any dinnerware I might be using. I own some Le Creuset stoneware and would rate these as high in quality but they are a little thinner and more sophisticated for doing double duty in the dining room. Amazon's price is as low as I could find the product anywhere.. Recommend. Now make some lids Mr Henry!

  4. Carmen Morrow22 Maret 2013 01.56

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, Azure blue (Kitchen) I got these bowls at the height of holiday baking and I loved them as soon as I took them out of the box. They are gorgeous, perfectly shaped for baking, mixing meatloafs etc. They are such a pleasure to use that I keep rewashing them immediately so I don't have to use any of my 'lesser' bowls. (They are dishwaster safe though.)

    I love the vibrant blue on the outside, and the white on the inside--since I like a white surface touching my food just for asthetic reasons.

    Since these are mixing bowls I don't care much about the feature that they can be taken from the freezer to go directly into the oven--but it's great to know they can withstand massive temperature variations if they need to.

    One note about the shape: Since they are ideally shaped for cooking and mixing stuff (on the tall side) they wouldn't make attractive serving bowls. You could use them as a serving bowl, but the shape just screams "mixing bowl." So don't buy them expecting that they''ll do double duty as mixing and serving bowls.

  5. Phillip Stark22 Maret 2013 09.44

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, White (Kitchen) This set of Emile Henry white mixing bowls is beautiful and the bowls are of useful sizes. These were a gift that was happily received by my grandson to use in his new kitchen.

    Bettie Pittman

  6. Claude Vinson22 Maret 2013 09.47

    This product has been replaced twice in 1 year as it cracks too easily. They are useful but too delicate.

  7. Allyson Hodges22 Maret 2013 11.53

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, White (Kitchen) I love these nested bowls. They are well made and weigh just the right amount (not too heavy too lift, or so light as to feel flimsy). Freezer, oven, broiler, microwave and dishwasher safe. And they come with a 5 year warranty. Very sturdy and look beautiful.

  8. Vicki Hutchinson22 Maret 2013 16.19

    Emile Henry Mixing Bowl Set of 3, Azure blue (Kitchen) Surprisingly light, very strong, and good looking. Expensive, but then I'm happy to pay a premium price for a truly good product. Would be five stars if they were a bit cheaper.

  9. Helena Farmer22 Maret 2013 16.20

    These bowls are very beautiful and they nest nicely. They're very sturdy but not too heavy. The sizes are perfect for various mixing jobs in the kitchen. I wasn't impressed with the packaging, however. They came well-packed, but they aren't in any kind of "original" box, like you receive when buying something like the Fiesta Baking Bowl set. Fiesta 3-Piece Baking Bowl Set, Cobalt Nothing was damaged, however, since they did use a good amount of bubble wrap and tape. Also, someone had applied stickers to the bottoms of the bowls (which aren't glazed like the rest of the bowl), and the stickers left a residue which I'll have to get off with something like Goo-gone.

    I had purchased the Fiesta bowls, but they were too heavy for me (and one had a small crack in it, anyways), so I had to send them back. The Emile Henry are good substitutes for the Fiesta, as they are a bit smaller and weigh much less. The small bowl is 1 lb 13 oz; it is almost 4 1/4" tall and it's over 6 3/4 " in diameter at the top. The medium bowl weighs 2 lbs 12 oz and is 5" tall and over 8 1/4" in diameter. The large bowl weighs 4 lbs 3 oz and is over 6" tall; its diameter is 10 1/4" at the top. There is hardly any tapering at all to the bottom, which makes them true mixing bowls. These are made in France, which is a fair-labor country, so even though I wanted something made in the US, these are fine instead.

    I do notice some light marks on the inside of the largest bowl after a few uses, so I would advise using only silicone tools in them if you don't want that to happen. I use a danish dough whisk to make my batters, which is metal, so I'm going to just have to deal with some marks in the bowls because I really like that tool. :)

    For the price, this set is nice. I can see it lasting many many years after I'm gone. They were available through Amazon Prime when I bought them, and I see that's no longer the case (at least today). I'm not sure if I would have bought them if they weren't on Prime, so I'm glad it was for at least a while. I paid $80 with free shipping. Now it's $85 plus $10 shipping. I'm not sure if I would have paid that much rather than just buy another Fiesta set, tbh. It's still cheaper than the Fiesta, so who knows? At any rate, I think these are a better choice for people with small statures since they weigh less and are easier to handle.