Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Why Staub Matte Black Enameled Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 2.75 Quart is a Best Bakeware Product ?

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

Staub Grenadine Enameled Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 2.75 Quart (Kitchen) This is one great piece of cookware. Absolutely first class. The foundry quality and enamel finish flawless...feels good. In the oven the contents will be cooked to perfection if the savy chef...ignores recipe cooking times. Your Staub will behave according to the contents you have placed inside. Take the lid off every 10/15 minutes to take a peek. The experienced cook will know when to add liquid, stir, turn and finally pull it from the oven.

See the product : Staub Matte Black Enameled Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 2.75 Quart

Please give me a review for this product :)
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  1. Zachary Brown12 Maret 2013 12.57

    Best cookware,top of the line., January 19, 2013 By shui mok - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This is the second One I bought.this time is a gift for friend ,I love it so much sure my friend will love it too.

  2. Tamika Williams12 Maret 2013 13.33

    I was inspired to buy this Dutch oven by a video about the quaint, unelectrified cottage called Innermost House and the highly simplified lifestyle led by the couple that lived there. The wife, Diana Lorence, made all kinds of delicious-looking vegetable stews using this exact pot over coals. I ended up purchasing this alongside the cookbook "Glorious One-Pot Meals," and I've gone from eating a lot of frozen meals (as a single person) to doing a lot of cooking for myself. I put the meal into two bowls and save one in the fridge for the following day. It's a great approach to cooking and really does take very little time.

    The product is Staub, which alongside Le Creuset is one of the highest-end brands for Dutch ovens. Of course the quality is great. The bottom part is very easy to clean; the inside surface of the cast iron is quite smooth compared with my cast-iron skillet. The lid poses a couple of obstacles for cleaning. The ridge around the lid offers ventilation to the food in the pot while it's cooking (there are all kinds of diagrams of moisture and air circulation in the manual) but it is hard to really wipe down the area inside the ridge. Also, I tend to need to coat the inside of the lid with olive oil for many of the "glorious one-pot meals," and I do notice that when I invert the lid to set it down after the meal is cooked, some of the oil leaks through the crack around the lid's handle to the other side. It is only a minor annoyance.