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Where Can Get This One Duff Airbrush System (Kitchen) ?

This is recommended product for you, if you need a Kitchen Bakeware with a many good review and cheap price

Duff Airbrush System (Kitchen)

One Review for This Product
I have a small business that I wanted to use this for as what it is intented - a cupcake stand. Many brides want the small cake at the top and cupcakes on all the other tiers. I thought the stand is very nice/classy looking, however, my only complaint would be the stability of cutting a cake on the top tier. It is supported by acrylic poles that basically screw into each other. It worked for the first occasion that I loaned it out for, however, I suggested they take the cake off the top in order to cut the cake. The big reason I chose this stand was because the tiers are interchangeable. You can mix the sizes up as you wish. I would buy another one of these, I think you just have to treat it with care.

This a recommendation link for buy the product : Duff Airbrush System (Kitchen)

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  1. I've been decorating cakes for about 3 years now, and wanted to try airbrushing. After months of reading reviews and shopping around, a friend at a local bakery suggested this one. Not only does it do a fantastic job, but it is easy to clean, comes with operating and cleaning instructions, and easy to put together! I was decorating with it in less than 5 minutes from opening the package without any prior airbrushing experience!