Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Why Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 15-3/4-by-10-3/4-Inch Rectangular Roaster, Cherry (Kitchen) is a Best Bakeware Product ?

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

The first one we received had a tear size blob of enamel on one of the inside corners. We were concerned that this could chip or flake off so we called LeCreuset. They told us it was nothing to worry about especially since they have a lifetime guarantee but if we were concerned we could return it for another one. We contacted Amazon and within a couple days we had a flawless replacement with a postage paid label to return the "bad" one. I have had some bad experiences with other vendors when returning defective items and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and trouble free the return process was. Amazon is awesome!!

And this LeCreuset roaster is also awesome. It has quickly become my wife's favorite piece of cookware. She absolutely loves it. It cooks great and cleans up easily. We don't typically buy high end cookware but we couldn't find a lower priced cast iron roaster this large and both of the 2 stoneware ones we tried cracked. We couldn't be more happy with this purchase.

You can get this product right there : Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 15-3/4-by-10-3/4-Inch Rectangular Roaster, Cherry (Kitchen)

Okay, let me know about your review on the comment box

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  1. As with our other Le Creuset iron wear, the coated surface is a breeze to clean, cooks evenly and dependably and looks great on the table.

  2. Consuelo Barber4 Maret 2013 01.22

    Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 15-3/4-by-10-3/4-Inch Rectangular Roaster, Dune (Kitchen) My favorite roasting pan! Yes, it's expensive, it's made to last a life time and then some.

    Performs beautifully every time and cleans up very easily with just a short soak in hot water. I use it for just about all my roasting needs. It makes the best sauces and gravies too, since the meat juices carmelize nicely on the bottom. And it goes easily from stovetop to oven and back to stovetop again.

    I also use it for making lasagna, roasted vegetables, tuna casserole, rice pudding and bread pudding. The even heating of the cast iron turns out a nice product every time. I even use it for a water bath for my ramikins of custard (preheat it first).

    I like the low profile, cast handles too. No problem storing this pan.

    One caution: Treat the finish carefully, do not use metal utensils against the enamel finish, since they can scratch and damage it. Do not use it in the broiler, which can also damage the finish. I put an old dish towel inside it when storing to protect the finish. Treated properly, this is a pan you will use for a life time and pass on to your grandkids.

  3. Irene Maxwell4 Maret 2013 04.47

    I have one like this but smaller. This is to complete my set. Le Creuset are wonderful pots/pans. Quality unrivaled.

  4. Jesus Gardner4 Maret 2013 08.42

    Fabulous roaster, and a must-have for any kitchen. There is nothing like LeCreuset's enameled cast iron for perfect roasting, brasing, casseroles. I roasted my Greek chicken recipe with potatoes and lemon in this, and it came out to perfection. Meat and vegetables nicely roasted/browned, sauce was rich, and chicken was very tender. Far better results than pyrex bakers or even a Calphalon roaster I have. And it makes such a nice presentation for serving and cleans up beyond compare.

    If you do much oven roasting, or cooking from-stovetop-to-oven, LC's enameled cast iron is by far the best option available. I used have to brown meat in a separate pan, and transfer to pyrex bakers for the oven -- not any more! The durability and even-heating of the LC cast iron is outstanding. I am thrilled with this piece!

  5. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 15-3/4-by-10-3/4-Inch Rectangular Roaster, Dune (Kitchen) What can I say about Le Creuset that everyone doesn't already know? This is the best cookware on the market. I have many pieces, but this is my first roasting pan. I baked a cheesy potato casserole in it, and the clean-up was a breeze. It bakes very consistently; and gives everything a golden brown bottom with no burned areas. You really need to add this to your collection.

  6. Hillary Hardin4 Maret 2013 12.57

    I purchased this piece as part of a set from Williams Sonoma. It was a great price, but when I unpacked this enormous baker I wondered what I was ever going to use it for. We are a family of two, and if I used it for something like lasagna we would be eating leftovers for a month. I found, however, that it makes the best deep dish pizza EVER! We haven't ordered delivery in at least two years, and I use the pan once a week. It's now one of my favorite le creuset items. A word of caution, though. I'm not very big, and the baker weighs at least ten pounds. I dropped it once when it was still wet and slipped out of my hands, and it cracked my kitchen floor tiles! Proceed with caution, but get ready for the best pizza you've ever had in your life!

  7. Reginald Holt4 Maret 2013 14.18

    I use this all the time. We use it to make Lasagna or Enchilada's. Probably the best Le Creuset thing we own. Have had it for many years and expect it to be around longer than us. Well worth the money. Holds the heat in it well. Have never been disappointed in it.

  8. Melissa Kerr4 Maret 2013 16.55

    Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 15-3/4-by-10-3/4-Inch Rectangular Roaster, Dijon (Kitchen) This is an excellent roaster/baker. Just what I expected. It is cast iron, so heavy, if that is a consideration for anyone. However, I love the way Le Creuset items conduct heat and cook evenly and beautifully. Very expensive, so my pieces have been collected one at a time over years. Worth it! They last forever.