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Why 7 Tier Large Maypole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake Stand Tree Tower Cup Cake Display is a Best Bakeware Product ?

This is recommended product for you, if you need a Kitchen Bakeware with a many good review and cheap price

7 Tier Large Maypole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake Stand Tree Tower Cup Cake Display

One Review for This Product
This cupcake holder will be beautiful with my daughter's lace covered cupcakes ( plus I bought wafer paper on Amazon and punched out lacy butterflies using a craft punch to decorate the tops. talk about beautiful!) It came wrapped carefully with a protective paper on each layer. The stand feels sturdy yet looks elegant. You can use any or all of the layers... or be creative and make 2 shorter stands! ( After the wedding I plan to let her keep half and I will keep the other half!) If you plan to assemble on site, bring along a phillips head screwdriver. Peeling the protective paper off made a bit of a mess, so be sure to do that in advance.

Link of the product : 7 Tier Large Maypole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake Stand Tree Tower Cup Cake Display

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  1. Ernest Whitaker15 Maret 2013 01.50

    I absolutely love this item and i have to say the same for the great customer service. Best ever!!! The parts are made with a very sturdy and durable acrylic. It is very easy to assemble. I never feared that it would tilt with the weight of the cupcakes. I bought this about 3 months ago and i have used it numerous times. I want it in every shape!!!

  2. I just ordered this clear cake/cupcake stand it's beautiful! It's a bit pricey but worth it! Sturdy stand. Well packed for delivery. Can't complain.

  3. The delivery package was very well handled and that was the only good thing of the Tower. The quality of the product is very poor. The plates are too thin to start with. The screw whole of the center rods where not centered, the screw that goes into the rod was on an angle on most of the center rods. This cause the entire Tower to be unstable, shaking excessively. Some of the plates, specially size 10", the center hole was too big, making the plate to wobble even after it was screwed to the rod. If there is a chance to return the product I without hesitation will.

    Angel and Teresa

  4. Jewell Anthony15 Maret 2013 15.17

    Excellent product, great quality , very elegant!!! love it!!! easy to assemble too. So happy I ordered it :D cant wait to use it for an upcoming wedding!!!!

  5. Noemi Mckenzie15 Maret 2013 15.36

    I didn't get to open the box to look at the product until after the final return date. There were a few screws missing. I contacted the seller and received a reply within a couple hours. Within a few days I had the screws and the stand was ready to go.
    I've owned several other cupcake stands, but this is by far my favorite. It is very sturdy. I am planning on purchasing another one.

  6. Carlos Barker15 Maret 2013 15.57

    I ordered a cheaper cupcake stand last year and cannot even use it because it is so flimsy. This cupcake tower came packaged extremely well, went together quickly and is strong acrylic. This is going to be great for the wedding that I am using it for.....Beautiful; wish I bought this last year

  7. Carmen Carter15 Maret 2013 16.41

    I bought this last summer and forgot to leave feedback. I absolutely love this stand! It was delivered fast and packed very well to keep it safe. Extremely easy to put together.