Senin, 11 Maret 2013

Where Can Get This One Swiss Diamond Nonstick Roasting Pan - 4.5 qt (Kitchen) ?

This is recommended product for you, if you need a Kitchen Bakeware with a many good review and cheap price

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Roasting Pan - 4.5 qt (Kitchen)

One Review for This Product
Fantastic Cookware, March 20, 2007 By Let's Be Reasonable "Writer" (Greensboro, NC) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) Swiss Diamond is finally offering what so many others have promised, but failed to deliver: perfect, impervious, non-stick cookware. Just the right weight, dead level bottoms, extremely stick-resistant, totally durable (you can use them with metal spatulas forever and not damage the nanopartical diamonds that glisten across the surface). I bet you'll never have to buy another of these pots or pans--nor will your grandchildren. A great investment and a pleasure to cook with.

See the product : Swiss Diamond Nonstick Roasting Pan - 4.5 qt (Kitchen)

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  1. Shawn Clayton10 Maret 2013 19.53

    Pan, February 9, 2008 By R. Johnson (Denver, CO, USA) - See all my reviews
    (REAL NAME)    Excellent pan for roasting or searing. The new nonstick surface is very easy to clean. Would be nice if it had a domed lid. Definitely will buy other cookware in this line.

  2. Like our Swiss Diamond skillets, this pan is heavy cast aluminum built to last with a non-stick finish that really is a durable non-stick finish that doesn't seem to crack & ware off.

  3. This pan lived up to all of my expectation. Its non-stick surface is excellent (as it is in several Swiss Diamond pans that I have.) It is quite expensive but well worth the price if you do a lot of roasting.

  4. Yesenia Pollard11 Maret 2013 16.37

    I've owned this for a few years now and it still looks brand new. Grilled and broiled items come off smoothly and the pan is easy to clean. It weighs a ton though -- that's the only negative I can find. I think this pan is worth every penny of the cost.

  5. Cooks beautifully, cleans easily., January 13, 2010 By Nicholas Ferentinos "Nick F." (Saratoga, Calif.) - See all my reviews
    (REAL NAME)    We keep buying more Swiss Diamond pots and pans because they're just wonderful. They cook efficiently and evenly, and the clean-up is fast and easy. What's not to like?