Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

Okay so im looking for a best Bakeware that can be used for Kitchen. There are soo many brands and shapes i just dont know what to do. I want one that willlast, clean up messes and counters. The product only use it in my Kitchen so any suggestions would be great!

Patience Brewster Krinkles High Heel Shoe Cake Plate

This a recommendation link for buy the product : Patience Brewster Krinkles High Heel Shoe Cake Plate

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  1. Lesa Galloway5 Maret 2013 18.21

    Very different way to show off your baked goodies! It is definitely different than the other cake plates out there. Had to order it earlier as they are always sold out before the holidays. That has to say something about the product...

  2. Faye Garrett6 Maret 2013 11.43

    Very pleased with the Krinkles High Heel Cake Plate.Quality is superb.Something that can be handed down as a family heirloom.