Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

Okay so im looking for a best Bakeware that can be used for Kitchen. There are soo many brands and shapes i just dont know what to do. I want one that willlast, clean up messes and counters. The product only use it in my Kitchen so any suggestions would be great!

Midwest CBK Jeweled Black Square Cake Stand, Set of 3 (Kitchen)

See the product : Midwest CBK Jeweled Black Square Cake Stand, Set of 3 (Kitchen)

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  1. Brandi Frank9 Maret 2013 18.57

    I really like these servers. They are well made and very nice looking. Will make my desert display really pretty and goes well with other servers.

  2. Julian Stout9 Maret 2013 22.18

    Purchased the stands for product displays. They were packaged well and arrived on the date specified. They are very elegant and well made, and are exactly as described in the product description. I am very satisfied.

  3. I needed a square cake stand for my niece's engagement party and thought these would be great for my anniversary on Halloween as well. - Was I ever right! These are even better than pictured and candlelight bounces so delicately off the crystals makes them almost glow! Unbeatable for the 3 at this price! So many ways to arrange and use 1, 2 or all 3 together! they will easily accomodate a 9" square or round cake. Beautiful and simply elegant!

  4. Michael Payne10 Maret 2013 06.46

    These are very elegant cake stands. First order was defective, replaced with no problem. The only issue I have is that some of the "crystals" came off, so I had to replace two and ensure the rest were securely fastened to the stand. They were a HUGE hit and quite eye catching. This is a MUST...from a small dinner party, large birthday party or even a wedding/anniversary. Quite the show piece!!

  5. Randall Wyatt10 Maret 2013 09.19

    I like the way it looks, but the lacquer used on the stand and base is not even throughout the stands. I thought twice about not returning this product.. I would not recommend, buy a stand locally. for 100 bucks i could have purchased something better quality.

  6. Sonja Vincent10 Maret 2013 12.59

    I bought two sets of these cake stands for a wedding. They look as good as the picture, are very sturdy and well-made. Fast shipping. Perfect transaction!

  7. Wow! I had a charity dessert night to host and was looking for a classy way to present my desserts. These are absolutely stunning! I got so many compliments on these beautiful stands, including a couple of requests from friends to borrow them. I highly, highly recommend.

  8. Isabella Avila10 Maret 2013 14.17

    This is the best purchase so far. I LOVE these stands. They are quality made, and stand straight. They are so beautiful!!!! Not only will I use them for cakes, but I am going to use them for my appetizer display at my Black & White Cocktail party!! I could not be more pleased!!! Thank-you Midwest for another awesome product at a great price!!

  9. I bought this for my wedding cake but also because it looked like some thing I would use often as well. I set it up for my Halloween party last weekend and it looked beautiful for a display of treats or what have you. Now I went to take it apart and put it back into storage and one of the pillars won't unscrew and just keeps spinning. It won't retighten either so I'm guessing something warped internally. So my final review is it looks beautiful and makes a statement but not plan on using it more than once!