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Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

If you want a great pizza and have been thinking about trying a pizza stone - this is the one! It's a world of difference than using a pan, you get way better pizza on the stone. Plus it a great for breads too. I would highly recommend this product. We have made so many pizza's since we got it that it's not funny and we haven't tired of it yet. Plus we're still experimenting with different breads. The tray has convenient handles, perfect for it's weight. It is very heavy, we ordered our first one from 'another place' and it came cracked. We re-purchased the same exact one at Amazon - they packed it well. You should buy a cheap peel while you are at it until you get the feel for it and decide on a good one.

This a recommendation link for buy the product : All-Clad Stainless-Steel Serving Tray with 13-inch Pizza-Baking Stone Insert and Pizza Cutter (Kitchen)

Okay, let me know about your review on the comment box

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  1. This stone is very functional -- works well and goes from oven to table because of its beauty. If you've never cooked on stone before, prepare to be amazed. It's a must for bread baking to develop a nice bottom crust. I also use the stone for baking French fries and other stuff. Just put the pan directly on the stone and your food will be done faster.

    With use your stone will discolor. This happens with any stone. You also should not wash any stone with soap. Use hot water and a plastic scraper to clean. This is the only All Clad product I have that I can't get the stainless to sparkle like new. I think it's because I left it in the oven so much.

    The pizza cutter that comes with this is the best I've ever used.

    Because of its size, this product is great as a bake-and-serve/occasional baking stone. If you bake a ton, I suggest getting a larger stone and just leaving it the oven all the time.

  2. Daryl Sweeney8 Maret 2013 21.44

    My sister got this for a gift for my GF and I when we moved in together. We both love cooking and the gf also loves making bread.

    I make pizzas on this thing at least once a month.

    Personally I put the whole thing in the over, crank the heat (550 is my max) and let it heat up.

    From there I par bake my crusts for 4 minutes and take them out and put them on a wire rack while I top them.
    On the par bake we use parchment as the crust is so thin it is hard to work with. So we slide it on parchment paper onto the stone.

    I then put the topped pizzas back in for 4 more minutes or until I think they are done. Cool the pizzas on a wire rack again. Then transfer to cutting board. I find the rack keeps it crispier.

    I spent a lot of time testing crusts and found this to be the best recipe for a thin true Italian style crust. Search for:"Remembering Italy with Thin Crust Pizza at Home - Why Make Pizza Any Other Way?"

    Update: We used this the other night and left it in the oven. When we went to pull it out yesterday the stone was cracked. So I took it from 5 stars to 1.

    The Crack went all the way through. I will still think I will be able to use it, but it is pretty disappointing that it would crack. It was not dropped or taken from hot to cold very quickly. We also never cut anything on it.

    I plan to contact all clad, and see what they will do about it. As of now, I can no longer recommend it.

    Update: All Clad replaced the broken stone for me. The pizza we make on this is great, better than any other stone I have used, but I think the stone should never have broken.

  3. Lets start of by saying that I worked in a pizzeria in New York making pies for some time. Pizza wheel that comes with it works excellent. Season the stone according to directions. Pre heat stone in oven for about 45 minutes at 500 degrees. Remember. Bake at the top of the oven. Always when baking bake at the top! make your pie and slide it onto the stone. I stretched the dough puting semolina down first on the cardboard that came with it. Helps to make the right size and semolina makes it slide right off onto the stone. I used all ingredients that I brought home from my favorite local pizzeria. The end result was nothing short of amazing. I never thought that I could get pizzeria quality pizza from my oven at home! As a matter of fact it came out better than the pies I made in the pizzeria oven! You must pre heat the stone first or your pizza will not be crisp on the bottom! I love pizza and can eat it all the time, even for breakfast! This pizza stone was well worth the purchase. I absolutely love it! For me I didnt use the holder that came with it in the oven. I put just the stone in the oven and slid the finished pie onto a wooden cutting board and cut it on there. I kind of didnt want to put the holder in the oven even though it can be done. All in all I am very happy with this purchase.

  4. Amparo Haney9 Maret 2013 01.28

    This pizza cooker is super heavy but super excellent. It does not give off any oders when heated up and is easy to clean.

  5. Christi Maynard9 Maret 2013 02.41

    "Today, from its rolling mill in Southwest Pennsylvania, All-Clad Metalcrafters is the only bonded cookware manufacturer who utilizes American craftsmen and American-made metals to produce a complete line of finished bonded cookware products." - All-Clad Website.

    So much for that... This thing is actually made in China, tray, stone, pizza cutter - all from China. Thus if you, like me, were thinking "Well I am spending FOUR times more than most other pizza stones on Amazon, but hey, this thing is made by All-Clad right here in PA so it's worth it!" - think again.

    Moreover, the stone arrived with a few surface scratches that stick out even after being used several times. Not really a big deal, but seriously, for this price the stone should look amazing.
    The serving tray itself has turned golden yellow after the first use. Once again, not really a big deal, but at this price it should look brand new years later and not discolor after the first use.

    In short, while this item serves it's purpose well, the price is just not justifiable for something that does not stay true to the All-Clad brand and does not arrive in immaculate condition.

  6. Christine Duran9 Maret 2013 03.21

    I have made pizza at home for years, tried regular old aluminum cookie sheets, clay pizza stones and now finally this All Clad soapstone. It is far and away superior to any other way of cooking pizza at home. The stainless steel holder provides for easy transport in and out of the oven as everyone clamors to make the next pizza. This is a huge asset as these pizza stones are heavy and unwieldy. The hot stone gives you a crisp bottom and thoroughly cooked crust (ever get a raw in the middle job? Yuck!). Highly recommended.

  7. This makes excellent pizza and the cutter is the best I have used. We only have two complaints. First, it is quite heavy, so if you want to take the whole stone out after a pizza is cooked it can be awkward. We tend to do this and the handles make it possible (a real advantage over many other stones). Second, it can be a little hard to clean up. Soapstone is obviously a natural product, and things like burnt cheese can can caught in the stone's pores.

    I own an Emile Henry Flame pizza stone as well that I like better. Make no mistake, however, this is a quality All-Clad product and it does it's job very well.

  8. Shelly Solomon9 Maret 2013 10.30

    I've worked in a local pizzeria for many years a while ago, and since then I've tried to recreate the same pizzas at home. My attempts seemed futile to make one at least close to the ones that I've used to do in the pizzeria until I heard about pizza stones. Reluctantly, I thought I tried many other things, why not this? The result was a pizza more closely than using any other cooking surface to cook a pizza. I have this All-Clad pizza stone, and another one from other brand that I bought at another store, and I have to say this one cooks really nice the crust, I can get it the crust golden and crunchy, just how I like it.

    4 stars only because the size, because I would like to make it bigger than what is available, but no luck. Overall, another great product from All-Clad.

  9. Doris Barrett9 Maret 2013 10.52

    This is beautiful product, but the main reason I got it was for pizza. When I cook pizza, the crust is very soft, not crispy like I like it. I don't know if that is how it is supposed to be, but that is not what I expected.