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Why Mauviel M'cook 5217.15 15.7 by 11.8-Inch Rectangular Roasting Pan and Rack with Cast Stainless Steel Handles (Kitchen) is a Best Bakeware Product ?

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

Despite the criticism of this product, I chose to invest in another Mauviel. I have found their cookware to be first rate. Receiving this today in the mail, I can only offer initial impressions at this time. All I can say is this is a quality product and is in no way flimsy. I have no concerns about the thickness being 2.5 mm or 1.5 mm since I can't see how this factor would make this a less desirable roasting pan.

The inside is not polished and that is fine since you are going to deglaze it, right? So non-stick is not an issue for me as I often take the pan and take advantage of the nice carmelization. I don't see anything that would make me hesitate to put this on the stove and make some nice gravy.

It comes with a rack that fits inside. I was not impressed by the fit of the rack inside the pan. It seems a little loose to me. Perhaps this is intentional, as things expand when heated?

In any case the handles are sturdy and all you'll be doing here is roasting something on the rack, and then you are going to lift the cooked item out of the pan with the rack, so really the concern here is if that will work out. Seems like it will, for years and years. I have no reservations about this purchase.

Link of the product : Mauviel M'cook 5217.15 15.7 by 11.8-Inch Rectangular Roasting Pan and Rack with Cast Stainless Steel Handles (Kitchen)

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  1. UPDATE: I just noticed that the description is now correctly stating the 1.5mm thickness, so I thought it appropriate to update - adjusted my rating to 3 stars (given the price).

    I will start by saying that the 1.5mm pan is still nicely made and a totally usable item. Except they charge you for the 2.6mm model (5217.40) but they give you the 1.5mm model (5217.15) - now THAT'S unfair. I reported this, but have yet to see the description change.

    I actually saw the same travesty at Sur La Table. They have the 2.6mm model on the bottom shelf, where all the Mauviel stuff is. It costs $199.99. And by the entrance, on a special display they have the 1.5mm model (which looks identical unless you know to compare the thickness and model numbers) and it too costs $199.99. This is misleading and deceitful. And yes, you CAN see the difference when they're side by side, although it's not as drastic as you'd want.

    And yes, no rack in the box, which honestly is a minor issue (I would maybe only take away 1 star) - you're better off buying your own stainless rack (because the advertised rack is nonstick and you don't want that, it's cheap and won't last.

    So, if we were to subtract the misleading description and lower the price to say $50 or $80, this would be a 5-star product.

  2. prior to purchasing I read reviews stating that this pan was only 1.5mm thick, mine arrived wrapped from the factory stating right on the product that it was 2.6mm, no micrometer involved

  3. Update:
    The item description has been corrected and my rating has been upgraded.

    Buyers BEWARE!

    There are 2 Mauviel M'cook 15.7 x 11.8-inch roasting pans. This one, item number 5217.15 has a thickness of only 1.5mm thickness. The description is claiming this pan is 2.6mm, IT"S NOT. If you actually want the pan with 2.6mm thickness you need to look for item number 5217.40GWP.Mauviel 1830 M'cook - 15.7" x 11.8" Cast Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

    From the Sur La Table question and answers about this roaster. "this roaster is a special value made for the holidays.... this pan has a 1.5 mm thickness, while the original Mauviel M'Cook roasting pan has a 2.6mm thickness." [...]

    It's too bad sellers don't give correct descriptions of products. This is probably a really nice pan but I'd be pretty mad if I had bought this product thinking it was 2.6mm thick and later found out it is 1.5mm thick.

  4. Because I have induction top burners, I buy mostly All Clad's Stainless steel products. However their roasting pan is made in China and not totally clad in steel and would not work on an induction top stove. I did my first Whole Turkey this year in this 5-clad Mauviel pan and it went straight from Oven to Burner and boiled fine. Although...ultimately, you might as well pour the juices into a small pot and boil on one burner to make your gravy. I also made my cheesecake in this and was able to get a nice deep water bath for it using this pan. This has been the missing piece in my cooking artillery. (mine did come with the rack!)

  5. 10/9/13 Update - FYI, I have a habit of keeping the packaging of things that i buy for quite some time after opening, "just in case." I happened to be clearing things out and was ready to toss the packaging when I noticed that the Mauviel sticker that I stuck to the box notes that the pan I received IS 2.6mm. How odd! I highly suggest those complaining about the "thinness" of the pan examine the packaging - you may have actually received a 2.6mm pan without realizing it - no wonder my pan was so heavy. I'm even more pleased to have discovered that I received a 2.6mm pan since I got the pan for a steal on amazon - the 2.6mm was going for $250 last year on several other websites.
    It's a shame that this gorgeous pan has such horrible reviews because the description of the product was inaccurate. It may only be 1.5mm thick (compared to the more expensive 2.6mm pan), but it's quite heavy and looks very sturdy. I agree with the other reviewer who mentioned that the 1.5mm will be more than heavy enough, especially with a 20lbs turkey or a large rib roast in it.

    Admittedly, I have yet to use the pan as it just arrived yesterday, but I was very pleased just by the looks of it. The outside of the pan and handles are polished stainless steel and the inside is brushed stainless - I assumed that the pan would be all polished stainless. It should actually be easier to clean with the inside being brushed stainless. My pan did come with a roasting rack; although, I think I might be purchasing a stainless one instead of the nonstick rack that it came with.

    It was also incredibly well-packed by Amazon. The pan and rack were encased in three boxes: large shipping box, another smaller box inside, then the Mauviel box which had the pan and rack wrapped separately. No dents or dings!

    I wanted to be sure I purchased this before Thanksgiving so I'd have the chance try it out before using it for a big family dinner - I dont want to be the reason we order pizza on Turkey Day. I'm a little concerned that the turkey drippings will overflow since we always end up with a lot. I'll just have to update my review once I have a chace to use it.

    I wanted to post a review so people know that the pan really is well-made and MADE IN FRANCE, unlike All-Clad's roaster which is made in China. The All-Clad flared roaster that's made in the USA, while beautiful, is just too pricey and I can't justify spending that much money on a roasting pan. I also can't understand why All-Clad sells one roaster made in China and one made in the USA. Anyway, I like adding French cookware to my collection so I have a nice mix of All-Clad, Staub, and now Mauviel. Amazon happens to have the best price for this Mauviel pan that I've seen; cheaper than SLT and WS.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and can't wait to whip up something fabulous in it.

    Edit: Just wanted to note the price jump for this product on Amazon (shipped & sold from Amazon for 235). I paid under 145 for this pan on Amazon. Do not pay more than 160 for this pan. Williams Sonoma (no rack) and Sur La Table (rack + kitchen towel included) have the pan for 160 - just wait for a free shipping promo which happens quite often on WS, SLT not so often.

  6. Heavy but worth the price. Unlike others who promise an "all surface use" this really does work on all surfaces. Great product.

  7. Jenna Fitzpatrick15 Februari 2013 10.14

    This item came without the rack that is pictured and included in the description. I am usually so f\happy with my amazon purchases but this was a disappointment. amazon did say they would send just the rack but all the sudden it was unavailable. The pan itself is very nice, perfect for making stovetop gravy after roasting.

  8. Good but very difficult to clean. Not a good idea to put it on the stove to start roasting a piece of meat. The pan is not thick enough.
    However, in the oven, excellent performance.

  9. This pan is lovely. I didn't own one before--just put a rack kind of thing on the bottom of the oven broiler for 50 years. This pan does a much better job, is easier to clean and has less spattering. I can't compare it to any others, never having had a real pan before. Somehow, it just seemed like one more thing to find a place to store, and I just never bothered. I'm glad I coughed up and got one and this seems like a real value--very well made, and does a really good job.