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Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

This is recommended product for you, if you need a Kitchen Bakeware with a many good review and cheap price

7 Tier Large Square Pole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake Stand Tree Tower Cup Cake Display

One Review for This Product
I purchased the 7-Tier Square Acrylic Cupcake stand for my granddaughter's wedding along with the Rose Pedal Baking cups w/Red Rose Cupcake wrappers........and it was perfect. We displayed a small square cake with topper on the second tier (removed the 1st tier, somewhat small for a cake). I would highly recommend this Cupcake stand. It can not only be used for holding cupcakes, but can be used to display many other foods when entertaining!

Link of the product : 7 Tier Large Square Pole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake Stand Tree Tower Cup Cake Display

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  1. I do cakes and since cupcakes are all the rage, had several people asking me to do cupcake weddings. Decided to splurge and get this. You find, once put together, that it is not that stable. Cupcakes are about the max weight you could put on it. I made a topper for the cupcake tree and couldn't leave it on top because it didn't seem stable enough to hold it. I could just see the topper crashing to the ground. I had used 6 of the tiers. My topper was quite heavy and had a bride and groom on a jet ski on top (their request). So it was not light..... don't know how to help that. I will have to think hard before using it again for a big wedding. So for the price, and not being able to put a topper cake on it...I think I would not buy this again.

  2. This tower can be used for many different things. It is strong enough to put a two layered cake on top level and hold tons of cupcakes without being nervous about it tipping over. Believe me, I had a huge wedding and got all of the cupcakes on there without even a wobble. The less expensive ones are flimsy and will bend when you put very many cupcakes on them.

  3. Nice product. Would prefer the plates to be just a tad thicker, but held up a 10" cake very well. We used this stand for a wedding setup, a dummy cake on the 14"square, a real cake on 10" and 6" squares. Each tier was separated by two lengths of the central core. Everything fit together well, the core pieces connected by double-end screws, and was sturdy. Easily broken down, and easy to clean. The only issue is the several loose pieces, including small acrylic discs that serve as feet but are not attached to allow choice in bottom tier size, and the screws, will require diligence to keep from loss.