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Where Can Get This One Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Roaster with V Rack (Kitchen) ?

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Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Roaster with V Rack (Kitchen)

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I'd wanted one of these for years and finally bought one. It has surprised me by producing MUCH BETTER roast chicken than I have previously made using a cooling rack suspended over a jelly roll pan. I can hardly wait to try a turkey in this pan! It's solid but not heavy, easy to handle and easy to clean. I could not be more pleased. Worth every single penny! I am extremely pleased with this roasting pan.


2012: I still use this roasting pan all the time. It produces perfectly roasted chicken and turkey and without the rack it's ideal for colossal amount of lasagne. It takes time and attention to clean the rack, but it's worth it -- you do not want to use those aluminum baking pans for a turkey! And with this roasting pan you can straddle two burners to produce wonderful gravy for your holiday meals. A treasured kitchen tool! This would be an EXCELLENT gift to a young person or couple who may not have their kitchen essentials in order just yet. This thing is worth every single penny it costs.

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  1. It's beautiful. And unlike that other name brand roasting pan, it really does have an aluminum core.

    Works great, cleans like a dream. I've already roasted chicken, beef, and duck in this pan, with excellent results. (My favorite: Throw a bunch of tomatoes in the pan. Put a family pack of chicken thighs on top the tomatoes. Bake until the tomatoes are sauce and the skin on the chicken is golden and crispy.)

    Possible drawbacks: It's HUGE. It's hard to imagine how big it is until you see it. It's so big that I have to wash it one end at a time in the sink.

    Things cook faster in this pan than they normally would. If you don't remember this, you will overcook them.

    I would like a flat rack along with the v-shaped one.

  2. This pan is just the right size and weight for large roasts and turkeys. The clean up was easy and although it is dishwasher safe, per the use and care guide, I didn't find it necessary. I cook rib roasts using very high heat for 15 - 20 minutes depending on the number of ribs and then turn off the heat and let it set in the oven for a couple hours. The key to this working is even heat distribution and even loss of heat as the oven cools. It worked like a dream, no surprises. I have other Calphalon pots and pans and have been a fan for years - this is no exception - excellent!

  3. Antoinette Wiggins1 Februari 2013 22.40

    This roaster is very nice. Attractive and stylish. The roaster looks heavy but it isn't, that makes it nice when a 25lb turkey goes in! I haven't had anything stick to the bottom, even though it isn't non-stick - so far no heavy duty scrubbing needed. I chose this instead of non-stick so I could scrap the bottom when I do gravy. This is a nice roaster.

  4. I purchased this pan to tackle a prime rib roast for Christmas dinner. The pan itself is very heavy, solid and distrubutes the heat well. One thing I do not like about other roasting pans that I have purchased is sometimes the pan juices seem to burn in the oven which results in no "pan goodness" to make gravy with. I have used this pan multiple times and never had that issue- the bits and pieces will brown, but do not get a burned flavor. I attribute this to the construction of the pan and the heaviness of the weight. I would give the pan a solid 5 stars, but the rack that comes with this pan immediately started peeling and rusting even though I ran it in the dishwasher and promptly removed it. So what is a girl to do?

    I bought the William Bounds silicon roasting rack (from Amazon) and now use this with my pan. I could have purchased a replacement rack for $19 or paid shipping and handling to get a replacement rack through the warranty, but I have been very impressed with the William Bounds rack and it fits perfectly in the pan. Clean up is a snap- both pieces go right in the dishwasher and come out looking as if I just pulled them out of the box for the first time. Plus, the WB rack has a slightly smaller grid so even on the coldest of days I can have familiy over (about 20 people) and still serve roasted chicken breasts with baked potatoes and salad in a snap.

  5. This is definitely two steps up from the tinny thing I bough a few years ago. It is solid, heavy, and the rack is non-stick. The results for roasting are excellent. I have, however, spent a LOT of time scrubbing the thing. I avoided the non-stick pans because of concern about their use over 450 degrees.

    Now, after some 3 months, I finally decided to give it a whirl in the dishwasher. To my surprise, it worked. No damage to the roaster, much less aggravation for me.

  6. Mitchell Mckee2 Februari 2013 04.24

    For years, I'd used cooking bags for turkeys and large roasts in my cheap, $10 roasting pan. Then I took a cooking class and learned how to make pan gravy from the drippings. Trouble is, you can't do that with a $10 pan. So I bit the bullet, did my homework, shopped for a great deal and bought this one for about $100. And we LOVE it! Rack is non-stick and is a breeze to clean. Pan is NOT non-stick, but deglazing it with wine when I make the pan gravy takes off all the major stuff and the rest comes clean with dish soap and a sponge. (I didn't want a non-stick pan, as I expect this thing to last forever, and non-stick surfaces wear out.) The only catch with this pan is it's big, so it holds and cooks a large turkey perfectly, but my mire poix tends to burn around the edges when cooking a chicken or a small roast. I ended up buying a second, smaller roasting pan similar to this, but the little one isn't nearly as nice as this one and it cost just as much. I wish Calphalon made a 9x13 size. But if you're looking for the perfect roasting pan for large items, this is the best!

  7. Heidi Bartlett2 Februari 2013 05.32

    I have roasted everything from vegetables to every kind of roast and poultry in this pan and it's the greatest. The handles are well placed - they don't take up space in the oven and they're very sturdy and easy to grip with oven mitts. I love that it's heavy enough to go right to the stove burner to deglaze or make gravy. It cleans up very easily - if you don't deglaze to make a sauce, simply put some hot water in the pan, turn up the burner and use a silicon spatula to "scrape" up the stuck on food. This pan performs like much more expensive models - I've used them all and this one is a great value.

  8. I researched many roaster pans before I settled on this and am I glad I did. It offers a truly stovetop worthy construction, no bending or warping, a great v rack, and superb heat distribution. The handles are comfortable and the pan fits perfectly in the oven. Compared to the AllClad, it is less expensive and better performance. A well thought out pan.

  9. Baked 2 bone-in hams at once (sans rack); Roasted 26lb turkey perfectly and the heavy bottom helped make the best gravy ever. Clean-up was a snap - even the gravy we made on the stove top washed right out with hot soapy water. We love it!