Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

Okay so im looking for a best Bakeware that can be used for Kitchen. There are soo many brands and shapes i just dont know what to do. I want one that willlast, clean up messes and counters. The product only use it in my Kitchen so any suggestions would be great!

Set of Three White Iron and Glass Cake Stands (Kitchen)

Get This One : Set of Three White Iron and Glass Cake Stands (Kitchen)

Please give me a review for this product :)
Thanks !

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  1. Jacquelyn Fuller9 Februari 2013 00.45

    After owning this item for 5 months, I have used it twice. After the first use I noticed chipped paint in a few places on each piece. Having hand-washed and being wrapped in bubble wrap and using extra care, I figured it must have gotten jostled during transport and that was the issue. But after using the set a 2nd time, not only are all three pieces extensively chipped, but 1 of the stands had a large amount of bubbling/peeling of the paint as well, so much it is at a point where it is unusable.

    I should also mention that after looking at the bubbling/peeling - it looks as though that particular piece had been painted/touched up as the color of paint doesn't match (its brighter white in some areas) and it doesn't match the more antique white of the other pieces.

    I am very disappointed as I loved this set and I just feel I definitely should have gotten more than 2 uses out of it given the care I took with it.

    Other than the paint problem, it seem to be very nice.

  2. I fell in love with these when I first saw them, but upon arrival they met my expectations and then some. The bases are a heavy metal with a lovely but durable finish. The plates screw on to the base so you can mix and match width and height as you wish. They are perfect for serving at an afternoon tea! I also plan to use them for a catering job this Christmas.

  3. I bought these cake stands to use at my wedding to unify multiple pastries since I don't like "wedding cake" it worked beautifully. I put cheesecake on one, a raspberry mousse on the second, and the strawberry chiffon cake on the third. We cut the Strawberry Chiffon Cake. The pictures were beautiful. I am very happy with my choice to be less traditional and go with our personality as a couple. My husband and I are definitely foodies!

  4. just the way i like it!!! nice dainty set ...nice product
    i recommend this product to home bakers and caterers

  5. I have seen these very stands on other websites for $105 to $134 so this was reasonable and they are truly beautiful. They match some candle chandeliars I ordered through Amazon as well as other table decor for an upcoming wedding. They are really nice and very sturdy and will look truly amazing with the cakes. I can also use them in the future at parties for dessert stands.

  6. I got my order damaged from shipment but seller replaced it as soon as they got their stocks.

  7. Nanette Hammond9 Februari 2013 12.30

    I am sorry to say that I am very disappointed with the product as the paint is flaking and the dark metal sticks out like a sore thumb.

  8. Claude Pickett9 Februari 2013 14.23

    Our set of 3 cake stands arrived today, and they've completely exceeded our expectations. They came well packaged and in pristine condition, with the pieces (stands and circular tops) packed in styrofoam. They look exactly like the pictures, and the quality of materials is better than we'd hoped...they'll be perfect for our upcoming wedding!

  9. I don't understand the 4-5 star reviews below....I've been eyeing these cake stands for a long time and finally decided to order bc they look so pretty and shabby chic. Items came very well packed but i was a little disappointed as they are cheaply made(in China, but then again, what isn't made in China?). Crystals are plastic(or acrylic?). The jump rings that are used to attach the plastic crystals on the edges are BIG, thus making items look even cheaper. From afar, they look nice and even pretty. But honestly, had i seen them at a store with my two eyes, i would have passed for the price they are asking. The items are not dishwasher safe but i feel even w careful hand washing, they would rust easily over time. Actually, these are not made for food bc the bottoms are padded with a black spongy material and base seems to be wood, painted in white. So, for that reason, i would not use for cakes or other foods. I did originally order them for a future bday party cake stand for my little girl but i guess they will make pretty display stands for her keepsakes and such in her room.

    Edit: I just saw this exact set at a local brick and mortar store for less than $60. And even at that price it's not worth it.