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Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

My husband bought this for me for Christmas, I love it! It is packed full of stuff. I'm a beginner and didn't know what half the stuff is for, I had to look up some of the tools online to see what you do with them. It would have been nice if it included a description of what you do with each tool. I still don't know what to do with some of the tools. I also had a few cake decorating items before this gift, but I can't fit them into the drawers. The drawers came filled up. One thing I already had is the master tip set, but theres not enough holders in this kit to hold all of my tips, so thats a little disappointing, and I can't fit my master tip set in the drawers because they're too full. I might have to take out some of the stuff I wont use much to make room for the things I do use.

Overall I love it, It comes with almost everything you'll need for cake decorating.

This a recommendation link for buy the product : Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set (Kitchen)

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  1. Was a christmas present for my wife and she was thrilled when she opened it! That was more than enough for me! Recommend it for any person who is into baking cakes.

  2. This is a great item for a beginner to purchase that has everything you need to take the new Wilton Method classes. There is lots of items included in this kit for a variety of decorating methods, including icing, gum paste and fondant. There is not much extra room for additional items and you have to strategically pack everything. It's great for bringing to the classes because it makes all your items portable and some what easy to find. The case itself seems to be pretty durable but the drawers are flimsy. I wish they had made it a little larger but then it would probably be too heavy.

    A definite purchase for a beginner.

  3. Like the other reviewers, I'm deducting 1/2 star because there's NO INSTRUCTIONS or a list with pictures to help identify the pieces. I didn't expect it to show you how to use each tool (incentive to take courses?), but a list to let you know the names of each piece would have been helpful.

    That said, this is a great buy if you plan on taking the Decorating Course 1-3. Plus there are lots of extra stuff as well. Love how organized and portable I can be. Organizer holds about 40 tips and good size drawers, multiple sizes. Seems durable and well thought out. With it being plastic, it's easy to clean. Yeah! Don't expect to store shape cutters, though. This is big, but not big enough to store all the different shapes for all the different occasions I plan on decorating for.

    TIP: even though Amazon has a great price, I actually bought mine from Michael's. Michael's exclusively carries the purple color for $200, but with my 50% off coupon, I was able to get it for $100. $50 cheaper than Amazon, plus in my favorite color!

  4. I decided to teach myself how to decorate cakes and ordered this Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact there is no book/instructions on what each item is used for and how to use them. I suppose that is so you will feel obliged to take their courses to find out. Why else would a cake decorating kit NOT come with a parts list/instruction book? There's absolutely nothing in the kit that tells you how to use it, so if you don't have the Wilton Lesson Plan books ("Decorating Basics", "Gum Paste and Fondant" and "Flowers and Cake Design"...sold here on or are going to take their classes, you'll be lost as a beginner. I do have the books, so I'll be able to figure out the various parts as I go along, but that's beside the point. The kit should have a book with it. I can't remember ever purchasing something and not having a parts list and instructions on how to use it. That's my only gripe with this item.

    On to the kit:
    It's huge. It's pretty much everything you would need to decorate a cake, minus the foodstuff... It includes, various pastry bag tips, couplers, disposable pastry bags, featherweight pastry bags (to be washed and reused), parts to design flowers, spatulas, small rolling pin, stamens for flowers (I was thrilled to get these), silicone covers for the tips (yay!), curved shapers for flowers, leaves, etc. to create movement, a smoother for the fondant, some small tools for intricate work and much much more.

    There's some plastic trays in the kit (small and large)...I have NO CLUE what they're for because they don't bother to tell you and something that "may" be used for holding filled pastry bags (it has holes in it and looks like it could be a pastry bag holder...I have NO CLUE since they don't bother to tell you). I guess I'll find out what those are for in one of my Wilton Lesson Plan books.

    All in all this is a great kit for a beginner cake decorator. I took one star off for the fact they don't give a parts list, a parts description and don't bother to tell you what each item is used for. Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch. They do tell you how to wash them.

    If you're thinking of buying the kit as a newbie cake decorator, just know you'll either have to take the Wilton classes or buy their Cake Decorating books before you can use the kit.

    Again, here are the Wilton books you'll need to decipher what each item in the kit is used for: "Decorating Basics", "Gum Paste and Fondant" and "Flowers and Cake Design".

  5. Roberto Daugherty16 Februari 2013 06.19

    With an almost 1 year old and a toddler, I was really intersted in learning to decorate cakes to make cute ones for birthdays and cupcakes for pre-school. I researched Milton accessories and classes, and read a lot of great reviews. I went and signed up for the local craft store "milton" classes, and found that the individual class supply kits cost $34.00. They have only a handful of items each, and nothing to organize them. I spoke with the instructor, and they told me that this would include every item needed for all of the four classes, plus some. The case, by itself, sells for 60 dollars even here on Amazon. If your going to take the classes, splurge and buy this set - dont pay the same amount for the small sets that dont even give you a way to keep them all straight/organized. Plus, when you get to class with your professional kit, everyone else is envious of the sharp looking set next to their piddly little over-priced kits!!

  6. Deanna Williamson16 Februari 2013 06.43

    I purchased this because I was going to be taking all of the Wilton series classes that were available at my local craft store.
    The kit contains everything you need for classes 1-3 and more.

    I like the tip organizer that the case has, it keeps your tips from getting bent or misshapen from pressing against other items in the carrier. The spatula slots are a bit iffy... I almost lost my spatulas a few times walking from class out to my car!

    The biggest problem I have with the carrier is that it is relatively cumbersome to carry around. I ended up having to strap it to a luggage cart in order to take it in to class because it is just too bulky.

    I see now that they do sell a rolling case that has more compartments. I wish I could have gotten that filled with all the tools I need instead of this carrier.

  7. Great product. I was amazed with the contents, and the fast delivery service, just in time for a class I started the next day.

  8. This kit is great if you are wanting to get started with cake decorating. Its not for someone who only wants to make a cake a few times a year.
    If you dont plan to take the Wilton classes (or at least do the workbooks) then this kit is not really for you either. There are no books that come with this so you may not know what some of the pieces are for. When you take the Wilton classes they will give you a book for each course or if you think you can do it yourself just check out the books on amazon for each course.

    *Michaels has 50% off coupons sometimes and you can get the kits cheaper in store then online so check with your local craft store and see if they do things like this.

    Comes with everything you need to do THREE Wilton courses. It does NOT have all the cutters/wires and tools needed for the last class on gumpaste flowers.

    If you go onto course 4 then I would recommend getting the Wilton gum past flower cutters Wilton Gum Paste Flowers Set and the Wilton tool kit Wilton 1907-1107 Set of 10 Gum-Paste Modeling Tools with Storage Case and a good impression mat like the wilton one Wilton Flower Impression Mat Set. I know it will cost more then just getting the kit for course 4 but trust me you will want/use more things then are in the course 4 kit.

    The kit is big with lots of things that you will just look at and say "what the heck is this?" Some of them are:
    There is a middle storage box that has holes in it so you can store the color gel (does not come in kit), The cloth bag to put powdered sugar or corn starch (use for fondant/gum paste), wave plastic for drying leaves/flowers, dowel rods for cake support, one cake board to put cake one, foam for the gum paste flowers.

    I have had my kit for 8 months now and still use it. I use it for storage normally but its the perfect size for taking/teaching a class to keep everything in one place and not have lots of plastic bags.