Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Where Can Get This One Round Cake Stands - Set of 4 ?

This is recommended product for you, if you need a Kitchen Bakeware with a many good review and cheap price

Round Cake Stands - Set of 4

One Review for This Product
While the items looked good in the picture, the product once received had scratches (prior to being shipped) and a black gritty residue that affected the sheen. I would suggest you read the reviews, although they are not always helpful, and check out the track record of the seller. In my case they were not cooperative with the return even though they advertise that they insure that the customer is happy. Had they spent more time on the product, it possibly could have been a good choice and the one star rating is more so due to their attitude, but I would not rate it higher than two stars. My cakes are quality and I am not going to display them on a substandard stand, I ended up renting a plateau. I am still in need of a set but very skeptical about ordering again.

Get This One : Round Cake Stands - Set of 4

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  1. I purchased both the round and the square sets. Great value for the money. Very nice addition to my baking supplies.
    Thank you..

  2. I ordered the round aluminum set but was sent the square set. I thought of returning it but realized this is really more versatile! My round cakes look great on the square set. I would recommend this product.

  3. Angie Cleveland12 Februari 2013 22.52

    Product arrived on time. They are Beautiful! Gave them 4 stars only because I found the same issue others have complained about. Lots of scratches on the biggest of the 4 stands. My cake covered them up but would be nice if they weren't there.

  4. Beatriz Cardenas13 Februari 2013 01.59

    The stands were fine for the relatively cheap price. I ordered a set and when they came the smallest three stands were fine, but the largest stand had a huge scratch down the middle of the top. I re-ordered to try for a second set, and the same thing happened. The smallest three were fine but the largest had several smaller scratches across the surface.

    I will keep to use for cakes since the surface is covered anyway, but if you wanted to use for cupcakes or other displays, I'd be weary as they weren't free of flaws. They are sturdy and hold large, 3-tier cakes well though.

  5. Clarissa Campbell13 Februari 2013 09.23

    Best Price ever!!! They look very elegant and chic, sturdy. Your wedding cakes are going be to on the next level with this stand. Im very happy with my purchased, no regrets!

  6. Wow very nice set of cake stand, very well built, sizes are just perfect for many different use, your cakes look just wonderful on any of these trays. Very well liked !

  7. This is simple an excellent product, very happy with it and so elegante. All the best guys ;). Thank you

  8. Arrived quickly and before originally scheduled. Did read other reviews and took the chance that the largest stand would be scratched, and unfortunately it was. Not as noticeable as I imagined, but will work fine. The cake itself should cover the scratch. Good product for the price.

  9. These footed stands are beautiful and will be used for the wedding cake and punch bowls at my nieces wedding. They are just heavy enough to be sturdy without being overly heavy. After the wedding, they will be pretty for Christmas buffet or even on the hall table with a pretty vase of flowers. Very happy.