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Why Scanpan Classic Roasting Pan, 7.5-quart/17-inch by 13-inch (Kitchen) is a Best Bakeware Product ?

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

This is one fine looking pan. It is very heavy and solid. It is deep, which I was looking for in a lasagna pan. We haven't tried cooking in it yet as it is to be a Christmas present.

Unfortunately, the distributor of this pan did not enclose it in another box for shipping, so the box is very tattered with smashed corners and covered with ugly tape and shipping labels.

A pan this expensive should have been packaged properly. The pan itself does not appear to be damaged but the box will not make a very attractive Christmas present.

Nowhere on the box or pan or enclosed printed materials is the pan referred to as a "lasagna pan", only "roasting pan". I hope that the pan will be appropriate for cooking lasagna since it was apparently not the intent of the manufacturer, just the people trying to sell it.

I am giving it 4 stars because it seems to be of excellent quality but the packaging and the lack of the phrase "lasagna pan" were a disappointment. For this much money everything should be perfect.

You can get this product right there : Scanpan Classic Roasting Pan, 7.5-quart/17-inch by 13-inch (Kitchen)

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  1. Vicki Austin9 April 2013 00.40

    Got this just in time for Thanksgiving, along with the wire rack, and it worked perfectly. We did the turkey upside down to start, then finished right-side-up, with an organic bird; everyone at dinner agreed it was the best the turkey has ever come, moist inside and well-browned outside.

    We made the gravy right in the pan, no problem getting up the browned bits; and clean-up was easy, following the manufacturer recommendations. I have had many cheaper roasters and have always found them falling short in one area or another, so I thought I'd take a chance even though it was pricey, and this looked better to me than the all-clad. It's not made in the USA, but at least it's made in Europe - I try not to cook food in anything made in China, just because of their poor safety track record. We'll have to see how it holds up over time, but for the initial use it seems to be a great roaster!

  2. I think it's hard to say just how much I love this pan. Roasters are usually such a chore to clean. Too big to easily soak in the sink and always so much crusty stuff burnt on the bottom to try and get off. If you've ever owned a stainless steel roaster, you will know what I mean. This is absolutely the best roaster I can imagine. Not only can you still use it on the stove to make gravy (with metal utensils no less!) it comes clean with virtually no effort at all. And looks absolutely like new afterwards. I've used it even when a smaller pan would probably do fine, because it is so easy to clean and browns everything so well. Highly recommended!

  3. Noreen Morrow9 April 2013 07.33

    This pan is impressive. It is heavy and will not warp. The titanium ceramic nonstick is safe up to 500 degrees and seems to be very scratch resistant. After roasting a turkey, the black stuff on the pan was removed with little effort. After a water soak, it was easily removed with a plastic spatula. No scrubbing required.

  4. This was the first scanpan product I purchased and it is so fantastic! I had the easiest clean up ever when I used it to make prime rib this Christmas. The clean up is so fast and the pan is sturdy and durable. I've bought other scan pans now and love them as well.

  5. Carlos Roberts9 April 2013 14.19

    This was purchased as a gift and was a big hit. The recipient is very health-conscious. Next Thanksgiving she will be bringing it to my house to roast vegetables, so it was a doubly-rewarding purchase.

  6. This pan is wonderful for creating lasagna with lots of layers - it is about half again as deep as the rectangular cake pans I used to use to make lasagna, and it is wider by about two inches. This is a heavy pan which heats evenly - the outsides edges of my lasagna were not burned when the center was done.

    This pan has the Scanpan surface that nothing sticks to - I had no trouble removing my lasagna from the pan, or from cleaning it afterwards.

  7. Alfredo Turner9 April 2013 15.22

    I will reiterate what another reviewer said. The pan looks wonderful but the box it came in was damaged. The little booklet it came with (a multi-language, one-page user's guide) looks a bit worn as well. Be aware that, although the cover states "Guaranteed not to warp" and the insert states "Base is guaranteed to remain level", no printed warranty or guarantee came with the pan. I will be contacting the online customer service about the warranty but I don't know if I'll hear back from them since I bought the pan through Amazon and not directly from them or one of their retail stores.

    As stated before, nowhere on the box or insert does it say that this is a lasagna pan.

    UPDATE: Despite my mediocre rating when I first got the pan, I must say that I wish I could change my review to four or five stars to reflect my satisfaction with this product. It is now one of my favorite cookware items in my kitchen. I have used it for so many things (from lasagna to roasts to brownies) and everything has turned out exceptionally well. I love it! I also have never had a problem cleaning it - just a few swipes in hot, sudsy water. Even with the warrantee concerns stated earlier, I am still glad I purchased this pan. In fact, I'm considering buying one for my mom and sister.

    UPDATE #2: I have changed my review to five stars since I continue to be very happy with this pan. I love it so much that a bought a second, smaller one. Just remember never, never use sharp utensils on it. It will scratch.

  8. Marshall Marquez9 April 2013 15.38

    This product is worth can cook with flavor and perfection and easy cleanup. Needs little or no oil, but I like to add butter, etc. for flavor. I now have a collection of these pots and pans and doing away with other aluminum pots that do not last nor are they easy to live with as the scanpan. I have gratitude for healthy pots and pans I can trust with my cooking of food.

  9. This roaster is a convenient size - large but not too large - and gracefully goes from stovetop to oven. Although it overhangs the largest burner on a standard stovetop, it heats and cooks evenly. Cleanup couldn't be easier since this "nonstick" surface is better than any I've ever used before. I definitely see various other Scanpans in my future. You should have them in yours too!