Kamis, 18 April 2013

Kitchen Bakeware Recommendations

Any idea where can buy Kitchen Bakeware ? One alternate to buy the product its from amazon. The reviews for the product

I love this dish. I am using it for soups and chilis . It is typical of all Le Creuset products. Great quality, performs extremely well, keeps the food hot and really looks great on the stove!
This one also looks great on the table as well.
It is kind of a specialized item, but that is what I like about it. I am a kitchen "stuff" fanatic and collect cookware that I think I will enjoy using, This is an example of one piece that I will get a lot of use and enjoyment out of.
I make a lot of soups, stews and chili during the fall and winter months and this is the pot that I will use. It is great for bringing right to the table and serving from it, because it retains the heat so well.
It is great for heating up those leftovers and again retaining the heat after they have been reheated.

This a recommendation link for buy the product : Arthur Court Grape 14-Inch Covered Cake Tray with Glass Dome (Kitchen)

Have a reviews about this product ?

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  1. Kayla Mcconnell18 April 2013 18.40

    This was the perfect accent piece for my home. I have several Arthur Court pieces. I love all of them, but the cake stand is my favorite. It is hard to find craftsmanship like this. This is a beautiful and well made piece!

  2. This is very beautiful. I wish the dome was taller. My cakes are usually 3 layers, and this dome is not tall enough to cover a 3-layer cake. Shipping was quick!

  3. Adrian Gonzalez19 April 2013 05.41

    I got this for my wife as a Christmas gift. It's really nice looking, especially compared to other "plain jane" cake trays out there, but the price is steep. It is made in China (like everything else on Earth). The glass dome feels very heavy and thick, so it seems like good quality.